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The bot was written in python, html/css/js. It uses "smart answers", so it has pre-programmed answers, but not all of them are just "if the user says ___ say ___". Some are, but others use generalized terms, and emotion to tell what you are saying. I made it myself, including this website, as a fun little project. Working on improving it. If anyone was wondering, when you contribute your answers, all that does is show me the answers you give and tell me if the bot had a response for them or not. Simple stuff.



The update is out, and in this one I have some stuff to say. I am currently working with user built answers with emotion and word detection, but sometimes stuff repeats, so I need to work on that. I am wondering what would happen if I used a database, so Ill try that maybe. Right now, im just experimenting to see what works best, and the bot is learning. It's been getting better though, as I had a decent conversation with it. It will NOT includ stuff like writing code and giving you facts. It's for chatting purposes only. For now, I really reccomend just using the normal chatbot, as it's not that bad, actually. Thank you for looking at this!