Terms Of Service

By using this app you argree to the following: I will not use this bot for harmful, dislawful, or any other bad needs. I understand and am okay with the fact that cookies are used in this bot. I will not try to find loopholes in the bot, and if I do, I will not share them. I understand that the bot is in development and may go offline or have issues sometimes. I will not use language that is considered hate speech. If using the bot's learning mode, you are not permitted to teach it anything hateful. Anything that may harm others, is NOT ALLOWED. Doing so will result in a ban. You must respect the privacy policy. You must me over 5 years old to use the main bot, (why the hell would a 5 year old use this lol) and 11+ to use the learning bot, as it has community answers. At this moment, the learning bot is not publicly availible. Thank you for reading. As far as bot banning, just don't say anything innapropriate.